Our Promise of Sustainability

HOTEL LOTTE continues forward in our aspirations as a global hospitality brand.

Purpose Making a sustainable

2025 Vision

We commit to growing as a company
with top global-level sustainable
management standard.

Core Goals


To have an environmental management system in place in every one of Hotel Lotte’s places of business in Korea by 2025


To have every one of Hotel Lotte’s places of business in Korea achieve the highest level of workplace excellence based on global hospitality industry standards by 2025

Customer Value

To become the largest supplier of sustainable products and services among every hospitality company in Korea by 2025

Sustainable Management Strategies

2025 Priority Tasks for Core Targets

2025 Priority Tasks for Core Targets


EMS(Environment Management System)
All domestic operations ISO 14001-certified
Total water use in business down by 5%
Sustainability certification and renewable resource use up by 10%
All domestic operations active in waste inventory control by 2023
Total recycling up by 20%
Total food waste from business down by 10%
All domestic operations active in GHG inventory control by 2023
Energy efficiency up by 10%
Electricity generation from renewableenergy doubled
EV transport fleets doubled


Good place to work and DEI
Implementation of regular human rights surveys and GPTW sample surveys for all staffs at domestic operations
Better working conditions for non-regular employees and partner staff: 10+ improvementsevery year
More employees with disabilities hired
Win-win partnership
Establishment of ground rules of responsible purchasing and production, and application to supplier contracts2.
Settlement of ESG spread program for partners
Win-win partnership assessment index measurement and improvements
Jobs for the future: Vocational training of teens and youth expanded by 1.5 times
Protection of ecosystems: Environmental volunteer work doubled
Creation and implementation of system for emergency and disaster relief

Customer Value

Sustainable hospitality
Certified sustainable products up by 10%
Adoption of the Sustainable Service Selection System in 2023; expansion to all domestic operations by 2024
Uiversal Design/service principles and manual created and applied in 2023 for certification of major operations by 2025
Sustainable joy
Access to recycling facilities for every customer by 2023
Proposal of sustainability standard for the Hotel, Duty Free, Resort, and World(theme park) business; implementation of internal certification system


Stronger sustainable management leadership of board of directors

  • Participation in sustainable management by the board of the board of directors
  • Enhanced expertise of the board of directors in sustainable management
  • Transparent disclosure of information on governance structure
Core Values
Respect for human rights-
Establishment of a business human rights framework for the entire value chain of Hotel Lotte
Management Principles
Establishment and internalization of a sustainable management action framework
(Compliance, Business ethics, Transparent management, Workplace safety, Employee development, Stakeholder communication and Participation, Privacy)

Our Promise to You

Dear respected stakeholders,
We at Hotel Lotte would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing interest and support.

Boldly embracing change and innovation, Hotel Lotte has always been striving to do its part in enriching people’s lives. With our world facing uncertainties brought on by unprecedented events such as COVID-19 and climate change, Hotel Lotte is actively doing our part in ensuring a sustainable future for all. In addition, we have adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a cornerstone of our sustainable management.

Based on this, we present our promises to you.

First, Hotel Lotte commits to becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise.
We will work to reduce our carbon emissions by 35% by 2030, and become carbon neutral by 2040.
Second, Hotel Lotte will always communicate with all of its stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and local communities, to help build a world where we can all grow together.
Finally, Hotel Lotte will practice sound and transparent governance to earn your trust.

We promise to do our part to move forward together for a sustainable future.