HOTEL LOTTE believes
in mutual growth
with society
and the creation of value for all.

The protection of human rights of all stakeholders
underlies all business activities of HOTEL LOTTE.
All of the human rights guidelines are strictly observed.

Business and Human Rights

HOTEL LOTTE ensures that no stakeholder's human rights are encroached upon across all of its business activities by strictly following a set of internal policies based on the principles put forth by the United Nations and other human rights and labor bodies of international authority.

HOTEL LOTTE works to raise employee work satisfaction and to make work sustainable for employees by improving their work-life balance. It has a business human rights system in place to prevent risks of human rights violation.


Human Rights and Governance

Monitoring and improvement through a business human rights committee

Grievance Procedures and Communication Channel

Promotion of awareness of sexual or workplace harassment, regular preventive meetings, complaint submission system, etc.

Human Rights Training

Human rights training for all employees at least once a year

LOTTE Group Code of Conduct, acceptance of disability in the workplace, sexual harassment prevention, workplace harassment prevention, workplace health and safety, privacy, etc.

Operational Guideline

Respect for Human Rights

Treat every employee with the respect that every human being deserves. Avoid all instances of human rights violation.

Freedom of Association

Give every employee the opportunity to communicate for the benefit and progress of the company.

Prohibition of Forced Labor

No employee shall be forced to perform any work activities by imposing restraints on physical or mental freedoms, such as violence, threats, or confinement. Employee personal information shall not be kept as a condition of employment.

Prohibition of Child Labor

No minors shall be employed under the age of 15 or below the working age of the relevant country or region, and the age of every new employee shall be verified.

Prohibition of Discrimination

Gender, race, nationality, appearance, age, religion, political affiliation, sexual identity, disability, marital status, pregnancy, and all such factors must not be a deciding factor in recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, remuneration, welfare, and all other employee-employer relations.

Prohibition of Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

Prohibit all acts, intentional or otherwise, that can cause shame or distress in a sexual manner. No one may take advantage of a position in the workplace or in interpersonal and inter-employee relations in a way that can cause physical or mental distress.

Fair Work Conditions

Follow the labor relations laws of the relevant country or region in managing standard work hours, overtime work, break times, and days off.

Protection of
Customer Human Rights

Prioritize the lives, wellbeing, and assets of customers in the provision of any product or service, and safely store customer personal information collected in the course of business.

Guarantee of Health and Safety

Prioritize the health and safety of every employee.
Create the best work environment possible for every employee.

Responsible Supply Networks

Strive for mutual growth with partners, providing them with any business human rights assistance necessary.

Guarantee of Environmental Rights

Follow domestic and international environmental laws and regulations. Strive for carbon neutrality, environmental conservation, and a virtuous cycle of resources.

Stakeholder Human Rights

Follow the internal business human rights systems and processes that are in place to protect the human rights of all stakeholders, prevent risk of violation of stakeholders’ human rights, and identify any human rights issues.

Grievance Mechanism

To ensure that every employee's human rights and value are protected and to ensure that the environment where employees work is safe and free of sexual or other harassment, HOTEL LOTTE has drawn from authoritative sources the rules that achieve such conditions and implemented them, customized to the internal circumstances of HOTEL LOTTE. Employees of HOTEL LOTTE have access to an employee grievance redress system through which they can report human rights issues and which serves as an effective tool for preventing human rights violations.

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