Sustainable products and services take us a step closer to achieving a green future for our society.

Environmentally friendly
management for Carbon Neutrality 2040

Earth's atmospheric temperature is rising rapidly due to greenhouse gasses, threatening the sustainability of humanity. HOTEL LOTTE, aware of the dire consequences of greenhouse gas emissions, is pursuing carbon neutrality as a core management task.

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

  • Total carbon emissions* by Hotel Lotte (10,000 tons)
  • *Real emissions based on net emissions and absorption

Carbon Neutrality 2040 of the Lotte Group,
Goals and Process



HOTEL LOTTE joins with the rest of the LOTTE Group in achieving the goal of Carbon Neutrality 2040. we will reduce the total carbon emissions to 35% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 with the following strategies.

Renewable Energy

With solar photovoltaic(PV) facility introduced in LOTTE DUTY FREE’s Incheon integrated distribution center (first in the duty-free industry, approximately 18,182 m2) and LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN, HOTEL LOTTE has begun active application of renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency

HOTEL LOTTE is introducing eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies across its operations for increased energy efficiency. In particular, LOTTE DUTY FREE is making a conversion to EV transport fleets, and EV Charging stations are being made available at LOTTE RESORTs and LOTTE DUTY FREE’s integrated distribution center.

Across all of its operations, HOTEL LOTTE is reducing carbon footprints by switching to use of eco-friendly packaging materials. LOTTE DUTY FREE has again taken the lead in the duty-free shopping industry, switching to a paperless electronic receipt system, an example which will be followed by the rest of HOTEL LOTTE.

Environmental Framework and Disclosures

The LOTTE Carbon and Environmental Management System (LCEMS) tracks and verifies energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions at monthly intervals.

HOTEL LOTTE will take part in the Carbon Disclosure Project starting in 2022 and disclose its cutback performance each year. LOTTE DUTY FREE has become the industry's first to achieve the ISO 14001 certification or environmental management systems.

Carbon Neutrality Efforts


ISO 50001 certified
- energy management systems:

  • Solar photovoltaic(PV) facility

    Installed in LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN; installation scheduled for LOTTE HOTEL JEJU

  • Eco-friendly, energy-efficient technologies

    Upgrade of dated facilities

  • Customer participation carbon neutrality programs

    First in the hotel industry to sign agreement with Ministry of Environment for commitment to carbon neutrality

  • Carbon neutrality campaigns for employees


ISO 14001 certified
- environmental management systems:
All LOTTE DUTY FREE operations

  • Solar photovoltaic(PV) facility

    Installed in Integrated Distribution Center 1, 2

  • Paperless electronic receipts in stores

  • Green transportations

    Conversion to EV transport fleets


ISO 50001 certified
- energy management systems:

  • Switch to eco-friendly, energy-efficient technologies

    Repair and replacement of dated facilities

  • Carbon neutrality programs for employees


ISO 14001 certified
- environmental management systems:

  • Eco-friendly smart systems

    Kiosk check-in and paperless coupons
    Paperless receipts, electronic membership cards, and document digitization in progress

  • Customer participation carbon neutrality programs

    Promotion of customer use of green cars

  • Eco-friendly technologies

    EV charging stations added and newly installed at all LOTTE RESORT