Transparent governance is the key
to sustainability and value creation.

Ethical business is HOTEL LOTTE’s foremost guiding principle.

HOTEL LOTTE is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and earning the trust of stakeholders in achieving sustainable growth. By practicing our Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Guidelines and operating our Business Ethics Division we ensure that ethical management pervades corporate culture.

Ethical management operating system

  • Internal policies and guidelines on business ethics
  • Business Ethics Division
  • Anonymous reporting system for
    corrupt business practices,
    employee commitment to business ethics
    through regular business ethics training
  • Monitoring and corrective measures

HOTEL LOTTE fulfills its responsibilities to society
through unwavering business ethics in all stakeholder relations.

Business Ethics Framework

HOTEL LOTTE’s Code of Ethics guides its staff to conduct and ways of thinking that are in line with its values.
The Code of Ethics defines the practices that Hotel Lotte deems required to earn and maintain trust in relationships with all parties, including customers, fellow employees, partners, shareholders, and the public.
The Code of Ethics is not just for HOTEL LOTTE employees. As Hotel Lotte’s official ethical DNA, it must be upheld by everyone involved in HOTEL LOTTE’s businesses, including subcontractors, partners, and dispatched workers.

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HOTEL LOTTE’s transparent corporate culture and business sustainability, achieved by preventing bribery and other corrupt business practices, are integral to its development into the best that it can be, for customers and with customers.
In particular, Lotte Duty Free establishes and implements a corruption prevention management system based on ISO 37001 (Corruption Prevention Management System), an international standard.

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LOTTE DUTY FREE ISO 37001 Certification

Business Ethics Training

All HOTEL LOTTE employees complete regular training to understand and practice business ethics.

  • LOTTE Group Code of Conduct
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Workplace harassment prevention
  • Privacy
  • Acceptance of disability in the workplace
  • Workplace health and safety


The Business Ethics Division performs regular internal audits according to annual audit plans.
Audit reports are submitted to the CEO and instances of Code of Ethics violations are treated with warnings and disciplinary action.

Whistleblower System

HOTEL LOTTE operates its Business Ethics Complaints Channel to facilitate reporting and prevent and resolve business ethics issues.

  • Bribery of all forms
  • Embezzlement and theft
  • Physical and verbal violence
  • All other instances of inappropriate behavior by employees or officers
  • Unfair group practices and unfair transactions
  • Illegal subcontracting
  • All other instances of violation of fair trade-related laws

Report Unethical Business Practice

Anonymity of Reporting

HOTEL LOTTE has a whistleblower protection system in place to make sure that anyone who reports a business ethics issue involving HOTEL LOTTE is guaranteed anonymity without experiencing any negative consequences

Whistleblower Protection

  • The identity of a person who submits a report and any information from which the identity of such a person (whistleblower) can be inferred are never disclosed. Evidence provided by a whistleblower, information obtained in relation to a whistleblower’s report, information from which the identities of involved parties can be inferred, actions taken as a result of a report, and all information of such sensitive nature are kept 100% confidential.
  • Any and all parties assisting with the investigation into a report by supplying statements or evidence are also guaranteed the same total anonymity and protection.

Details of Protection

  • Information on whistleblowers and reports made is managed as restricted information HOTEL LOTTE’s whistleblower system is protected by a reliable information security system.
  • Submitted reports are managed by personnel cleared to handle confidential information.
  • Disciplinary or legal action is taken against parties who share information about a whistleblower’s identity or from which it can be inferred.
  • In instances where it is found that a whistleblower has been subject to disadvantage as a result of a report submitted, HOTEL LOTTE will reverse such disadvantage or provide compensation of corresponding value.
  • Whistleblowers who report an unethical practice which implicates themselves are extenuated to a reasonable degree in the resulting proceedings.

HOTEL LOTTE always commits to the practice of compliance and ethics.