Transparent governance is the key
to sustainability and value creation.

Ongoing communication with
all stakeholders builds trust.

HOTEL LOTTE, understanding that its business success depends upon stakeholder relations based on trust, communicates with stakeholders through a variety of channels so as to have their interests reflected in its business activities, including decision-making. A stakeholder can be any individual or group that can be influenced by or can influence HOTEL LOTTE’s business activities. Such influence received or inflicted is considered in determining whether an individual or group is a stakeholder of HOTEL LOTTE. HOTEL LOTTE regards employees, shareholders, customers, partners, local communities, and the government as its principal stakeholders and actively communicates with them through various channels.

Stakeholder Communication


Third-party consigned customer satisfaction surveys, Online Survey, VOC (Voice of Customer), Online Channel Review, Customer Support Center


Partner meetings, partner satisfaction surveys, mutual growth funds, whistleblower system


Labor unions, Junior Board (online platform for communication with youth), employee satisfaction surveys, employee grievance resolution committee, health and safety committee, whistleblower system


General meeting of shareholders, business performance reports, various announcements

Local Communities

Charlotte Volunteer Group, donations, local government and council meetings, promotion of tourism in local communities, support of social ventures


Adoption of disclosure systems, participation in government programs, meetings and seminars