Sustainable products and services take us a step closer to achieving a green future for our society.

HOTEL LOTTE’s Circular Economy takes the lead to protect our planet.

HOTEL LOTTE is creating a virtuous cycle for the resources it handles across all of its activities. By systematically reducing and recycling waste, environmental pollution can be prevented. Embedded in the LOTTE Group’s value chain is “5Re”, the Group’s unique environmental model of “reduce”, “replace”, “redesign”, “reuse”, and “recycle”.
HOTEL LOTTE embraces the Group’s 5Re model as the foundation upon which it creates its virtuous cycle of resources.



Waste Reduction

Construction and remodeling involves the use of eco-friendly materials to the greatest degree possible, and waste reduction is maximized in all processing work. Packaging for purchased products and services is kept to a minimum and being progressively replaced with eco-friendly packaging. To minimize waste plastic, single-use guest room supplies were replaced with dispensed reusable alternatives.

Better Recycling

All PET bottles supplied in hotels and resorts are now label-free, as this makes them more likely to be reused. A system for better organization of wastes discharged from hotels and resorts will be implemented soon.


HOTEL LOTTE and its many social venture partners are constantly coming up with ingenious recycled items. Customers of HOTEL LOTTE are encouraged to help create a circular economy, and are often exposed to such environmentalism opportunities as plogging* events.

Plogging is a compound word formed from plocka upp in Swedish and jogging in English, and refers to jogging while picking up litter.

for a circular Economy


  • Eco-friendly guest rooms supplies

    Single-use supplies replaced with dispensed reusable supplies

    Eco-friendly takeout containers, shopping bags, card readers, straws, and more

    Label-free bottled water

  • Eco-friendly materials for all construction and interior decoration

  • Customer participation programs for recycling and plogging


  • Digital signs

    Paper material signs replaced with digital signs

  • Eco-friendly packaging and increased availability of eco-friendly products

    Increased use of recycled or paper shopping bags

  • Customer participation programs for recycling and plogging


  • Waste minimization and recycling maximization in construction and remodeling

  • Recycling collection bins throughout theme parks

  • Replacement of plastics with eco-friendly materials

  • Eco-friendly disposal of aquarium feed

  • Recycling of food waste into aquarium feed


  • Eco-friendly guest supplies

    Eco-friendly paper materials and guest room supplies

    Label-free bottled water

  • Composting of food waste

  • Customer participation programs for recycling and plogging