HOTEL LOTTE believes
in mutual growth
with society
and the creation of value for all.

HOTEL LOTTE’s substantial growth
leads to shared value for society.

HOTEL LOTTE believes in sharing and mutual growth with local communities. Its philanthropic efforts include donations and volunteer work to help underprivileged members of our society and those struck by misfortune as well as to provide support for young entrepreneurs. It draws from its abilities and resources as a large business to provide local communities with the assistance they need in an organized manner so as to achieve mutual growth and shared happiness.

CHARLOTTE Volunteer Group

The LOTTE Group’s CHARLOTTE Volunteer Group is a staff volunteer group formed to perform social assistance activities and to promote internal harmony of the Group. Its formation was inspired by the “creative labor-management culture” to which the LOTTE Group aspires. The CHARLOTTE Volunteer Group is involved in a wide variety of volunteer work to give back to the community and to contribute to mutual wellbeing. Some examples of its activities are the distribution of COVID-19 safety kits, food donation to orphanages, and scholarship donation to underprivileged teens.

Philanthropic Efforts


“Thank You, Firefighters” Campaign

LOTTE HOTEL understands that our society could not be safe without those who dedicate their lives to services for our country. LOTTE HOTEL has been running its “Thank You, Firefighters” Campaign since 2016, with parts of its earnings donated to firefighters, accompanied by thank-you messages from LOTTE HOTEL customers. In 2021, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL partnered up with 119 Reo, a social venture that upcycles firefighters’ old protective clothing into bags and backpacks of various designs, and donated 119 Reo products to firefighters along with thank-you notes from LOTTE HOTEL customers.

UNICEF Sponsorships

LOTTE HOTEL has been a sponsor of UNICEF since 2009. In 2021, a portion of the proceeds from sales of LOTTE HOTEL UNICEF product packages and LOTTE HOTEL REWARDS points donated by customers, amounting to about KRW 20 million, were donated to the UNICEF project “Schools for Asia.” LOTTE HOTEL will continue to extend a helping hand to those in need around the world.



STARUPS is LOTTE DUTY FREE’s good will project that develops young entrepreneurs in local communities to contribute to regional economic development. The support it provides to young entrepreneurs to help them to achieve sustainability in their business consists of funds, education, and training. Each startup eligible for support can receive up to 40 million KRW in funding. Eligible startups can also join the LOTTE Ventures startup incubating program L-Camp and enjoy partnership and coaching opportunities.


CHEERUPS, another of LOTTE DUTY FREE’s goodwill projects, provides assistance to small business owners and contributes to regional economies and tourism industries. Its partnership with the Seoul Business Agency and the Korea Food Service Industry Association allows it to provide small business owners with extensive assistance. To date, it has spent over 100 million KRW on relief for struggling small business owners, and has also boosted the earnings of 15 restaurants in the Songpa District of Seoul by about 10% by donating eco-friendly food packaging and helping with advertising.


Surprise Visit from LOTTE WORLD

“My Own Theme Park” is LOTTE WORLD’s quintessential philanthropic event, which started in 1995 and recently saw the completion of its 110th event. In the event, the LOTTE WORLD theme park characters and actors make visits to sick children in hospitals for a fun time full of laughter, presents, and snapshots. LOTTE WORLD is also looking for other ways to give back to the vulnerable in our society.

Dream Ticket

LOTTE WORLD gives away free tickets to families and youth who could otherwise never experience the fun that the LOTTE WORLD franchise has to offer. Each year, around 20,000 people from underprivileged classes are invited to LOTTE WORLD ADVENTURE, LOTTE WORLD AQUARIUM, SEOUL SKY, and LOTTE WATER PARK for an unforgettable day. 2022 was an especially successful year for Dream Ticket, with large numbers of children including those suffering from rare disease, those from poor families, children who have suffered abuse, and other children under unfavorable circumstances invited to the Lotte World franchise for a fun time after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.


“Day of Sharing” Event

Since 2012, LOTTE RESORT BUYEO has been hosting a “Day of Sharing,” a yearly event where children from orphanages in Chungcheong Province are invited for a day of fun that includes a buffet lunch and a romp in the water park Aqua Garden.

Plogging Day

Since 2019, LOTTE RESORT has been regularly holding a “Plogging Day,” on which staff take a jog around the resort facilities and pick up litter. It is a form of environmental activity that cleans up the streets for everyone while keeping the LOTTE RESORT staff fit at the same time.