HOTEL LOTTE believes
in mutual growth
with society
and the creation of value for all.

Responsible sourcing management is a cornerstone of Hotel Lotte’s sustainable business.

Partner Code of Conduct

HOTEL LOTTE wants its partners to share its journey toward a sustainable future for all.
This is why it enforces the Lotte Group’s Partner Code of Conduct, consisting of rules that must be followed by partners for sustainability of supply networks, including rules on environmental protection, human rights, health and safety, compliance, and business ethics, which are based on ground rules defined by global authorities such as the United Nations and the International Labour Organization and are observed globally.
Hotel Lotte is committed to maintaining the integrity of its supply networks as defined by the LOTTE Group’s Partner Code of Conduct.

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Partner Code of Conduct

Environmental Protection

Partners of Lotte Group shall endeavor to implement environmental management policies established by Lotte Group.
Partners shall proactively cooperate with Lotte Group by adopting measures for improvement following Lotte Group’s environmental due diligence and establishing a data-based system for environmental management.

Respect for Human Rights

Partners of Lotte Group shall respect the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and protect and support human rights in all locations in which their businesses are conducted.
Partners shall use their best efforts to establish a working environment in which members of the organization can reach their full potential and show mutual respect with no prejudice or unlawful discrimination.

Safety Management

Partners of Lotte Group shall strive to guarantee the safety of workers at all stages of producing and distributing products or providing services. Partners shall establish a management system to prevent accidents and cooperate with Lotte Group’s workplace inspections.

Compliance and Ethical Management

Partners of Lotte Group shall implement law-abiding and ethical management practices, and strive to manage the company in an ethically, legally, and socially responsible and appropriate manner. Partners shall enhance the transparency of management, comply with the laws of the jurisdictions in which they conduct business, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Management System

Partners of Lotte Group shall recognize the importance of, and establish a system for, sustainable management. Partners shall establish long-term goals for corporate social responsibility, periodically assess achievements, and take measures for improvement.

Quality Management

Partners of Lotte Group shall strive to ensure safety and high quality throughout the manufacture and distribution of products or the provision of services. Partners shall establish goals for the improvement of the quality of products and services, and establish systems to achieve such goals.